St Ives in Bloom competition 2015

There are pictures of the winning gardens from 2015 below: 

Julie 1 Julie 2 Julie 3 Julie 4 Pam 1 Pam 2 Pam 3 Pam 4 St Ives in Bloom volunteers visiting the winning gardens Trevor 2 Trevor 3

Private garden

Our winner Trevor Jones and the runners up Pamela Evans and Julie Pepper all got gold awards! 

Thankyou to Wyevale at Garden and Leisure for donating the winning vouchers. 


The allotment sections was divided into large and small plot sizes.   

Small plots:

Alan Flavell (gold level award)

Large plots: 

John and Diane Gannon (gold level award)

second Philip Lane (also gold level),

third Mark Bottoms (silver gilt). 

The winners and those who reached silver level will be given their certificates and awards at the Flower and Produce Show at the Corn Exchange on Saturday 5th September. 

Next year

Are you interested in entering the competition next year (2016)?

Please do get in touch!