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2015 – 2016:31-8, weeding P and R

September 2016, ANGLIA IN BLOOM RESULTS:  Leading lights of the committee Marney Hall, Linda Croucher, Moreen Wells and Robin Bletsoe went to collect our awards at Anglia in Bloom.  We were so excited to find that we had earned gold!
Most volunteers had had a well-earned rest over August, although there were still some hardy souls around checking the Park and Ride beds, watering at Kings Hedges or weeding on The Waits!


April and May 2016, PARK AND RIDE: Clearing and preparing on 13th, 14th and 21st April and planting on 10th May:  Volunteers and representatives of the Town council and our sponsors: Marshalls, Stagecoach, SPLandsapes and Mick George.

April and May 2016, CLOSED CEMETERIES:  On 19th April and 17th May we had further volunteer mornings at Broadleas Cemetery.
Newly cleared and planted Victorian graves. Who left their gloves behind?
We planted bluebells, forget-me-nots and primroses.  While we were there Miss Day came to look at the memorial to her uncles who were killed in the First World War, and was very pleased to see the wildflower area near the WW1 bench donated last year by Leeds Day.

Launch 2016

Launch 2016

2nd April:  ST IVES in BLOOM CAMPAIGN LAUNCH, 2016: This year’s campaign was officially launched by holding a publicity stall at the Farmers’ Market on 2nd April.  We had lots of interest from visitors to the town and locals, and hopefully a few of the latter will join us as volunteers during the coming weeks.
7. A group of the SIiB volunteers raked over the soil ready for planting day - 10th May.



Employees of S.P. Landscapes clear the beds for us.

Employees of S.P. Landscapes clear the beds for us.


March and April 2016, PARK AND RIDE: The main beds were weeded in March, and now in April we are setting to with our new projects.  The area near the toilets has been cleared and seeded by S and P Landscapes – and they left a large patch for us to rake and sprinkle with several big boxes of wildflower seeds.  Litter pickers, 7.4You will notice the improvement very soon.  We were joined by a happy band of litter pickers and the whole busway/Park and Ride area is undergoing a BIG LITTER PICK.


broad-leas-march-2016February and March 2016, CLOSED CEMETERIES: We had a session together with the Eco Ivo group from the St Ivo School at Westwood Road Cemetery, where the students planted wildflowers at the back of the verge.  We are very pleased that we were able to work together and hope to continue this association.  Clearing ivy in Broad Leas cemeteryWe have been working at Broad Leas cemetery throughout the winter, and the cutting back of ivy and holly has uncovered graves that no-one has been able to see for years.

November 2015, PARK AND RIDE:  500 crocuses and 300 snowdrops have been put in the main beds at the Park and Ride.  There was hardly any bindweed to remove this session – a real achievement by the volunteers keeping the weeds under control.  We can now look forward to a mass of colour in early spring.  We are grateful to MICK GEORGE  Ltd for their support for this project.
November 2015, BROAD LEAS CEMETERY:  Hard work again clearing ivy off the early 20th century graves in Broad Leas cemetery.  Several angels and long forgotten names came to light, and we were pleased to show respect to the men killed in the Great War who are buried or commemorated in this part of the cemetery.
daffodils-4October and November 2015, BULB PLANTING:  Residents and friends of St Ives in Bloom planted an area of daffodils at the junction of Pig Lane and Waren Road on the morning of Saturday 24th October.  Thanks to all the residents who contributed payment or time, or both!
St Ives in Bloom volunteers helped Robin Bletsoe with planting bags of daffodil bulbs in the grass verge near Wheatfields School on Saturday 10th October.  Pupils at the school had started off the work the previous Wednesday, and yet more pupils and staff finished it off on the Wednesday following, as the adults ran out of energy!  We look forward to seeing the daffodils come up in the spring.
September 2015, AGM:  The AGM took place on 28th September.  Some new people have joined our committee to help plan for next year – please get in touch if you would like to join them.
Anglia in Bloom 20152015 award:  We received a SILVER GILT medal from Anglia in Bloom, once again just a few points off gold but with many “Areas of achievement” noted among our projects for 2015.   Chairman Marney Hall (back right), Vice Chairman Moreen Wells (seated right) and members of the committee show off the certificates after the ceremony.  Holt Island received nominations for excellence in conservation management and provision for special needs.  Meanwhile the award for Broad Leas Cemetery went up from bronze to silver, with its added planting appreciated by the judges.  So we collected 4 good certificates over all!

2014 – 2015Parish Church doorway

September 2015, Parish Church:  Have you seen the new half barrel planters outside the Parish Church?  With a contribution from St Ives in Bloom they were planted up in time for the Heritage Open Days, and make a welcome (and welcoming) addition to the doorways.
We still would like to find out whether the community would mind if areas of the cemeteries where there are no graves were planted with wildflowers?  Please fill in the cemeteries survey and return it to the Town Hall.
July 2015, ALLOTMENTS:  The allotments were judged and the winners - Alan Flavell, John and Diane Gannon (winners) and runners up Philip Lane and Mark Bottoms - received their certificates at the Flower and Produce Show on Saturday 5th September.
St Ives in Bloom volunteers visiting the winning gardensJuly 2015, Anglia in Bloom and local garden competition judging:  On Thursday 9th July the judges came to look around the town at all our projects and the council’s planting.  Our Chairman Marney Hall and Linda Croucher of St Ives Garden Club went on a tour round some beautiful gardens in the town to judge the local St Ives in Bloom competition.  Well done to the winners:  Trevor Jones (winner), and runners up Pamela Evans and Julie Pepper, and thankyou to Wyevale at Garden and Leisure for donating the winning vouchers.
April 2015 campaign:  We launched St Ives in Bloom bid for gold, 2015 on Saturday 18th April at the Farmers’ Market.  Groups of volunteers have met once or twice a week since then to help maintain several areas of town:  weeding the planters at the Park and Ride to maintain the planting designed by Marney Hall, planting up Steph Humes’ garden design on the North side of The Waits by the little post box, weeding the sides of the road and the car park at East Street and Globe Place, painting the benches and cleaning on The Quay, clearing ivy and planting wildflowers at the closed cemeteries and planting up the pots that are by the Free Church – thank you to all the helpers there for keeping them watered.
The Town Bus Station:  Waitrose ‘Community Matters’ scheme has raised enough money for hanging baskets in the Town Bus Station.  Huntingdon District Council (who own the land) and the Town Council (who water the hanging baskets) have come to an agreement, St Ives in Bloom have painted the benches, and the area is looking much more cheerful this summer.

Broad Leas 8 - Best community project

A new bench at Broad Leas Cemetery:  On Tuesday 24th March at 10.30am, there was a short ceremony at Broad Leas Cemetery, where a memorial bench was dedicated to the memory of the brothers Dennis and Jeffrey Day, who died in the Great War.  Leeds Day Solicitors have donated money for the bench, which has been installed by the Town Council.  As well as staff of Leeds Day and members of the St Ives in Bloom committee, the Minister of the Free Church Catherine Ball, the Mayor of St Ives Brian Luter, and many members of the British Legion came and took part in the ceremony.  This has been part of a St Ives in Bloom initiative to encourage care for the closed cemeteries within the town.  So many thanks to everybody who attended in the sunshine, surrounded by primroses - it was a fitting way to remember members of this St Ives family.  We went for coffee afterwards in the Free Church – again thanks to the Free Church for their hospitality.
March and April, SHOP SPONSORSHIP:  Members of the St Ives in Bloom committee visited shops in town to ask them to sponsor St Ives in Bloom 2015.  If you see a sticker in the shop window, that shopkeeper helped us in our quest for gold!  A full list of our sponsors is on our ‘Sponsors and Associates’ page, and we are very grateful for their contribution.Park and Ride 3 - Drought gardenPark and Ride 2 - Drought garden

March 2015, PARK and RIDE:  Work on the St Ives Park and Ride took place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th.  We had a very successful day on the Friday, planting about 500 drought tolerant plants to fill the two main planters by the stop for buses towards Cambridge.  Thank you to all the volunteers who came along and worked so hard.  On Saturday, we made a start on two other planters which are overflowing with ivy – hard work to keep it in check so at least the hellebores and irises are visible.  Thank you to MICK GEORGE for the topsoil and the generous community fund donation towards plants for this project.
March 2015, CLOSED CEMETERIES:  We are continuing to work on the old cemeteries in town, in Broad Leas and in Westwood Road.  They are very interesting open spaces with many native species of plants growing around the old graves.  We have planned a walking route from the Norris Museum to the cemeteries in commemoration of the men who died in the Great War.  The leaflet is available in the Norris Museum, and the graves or memorials are marked so they are easy to find.  Do explore the cemeteries, it makes a rather sad but peaceful and interesting walk.