Our Projects

  • Details of our next volunteer days are always on the home page.  Contact us if you would like the details of our spring work parties to be emailed to you.


BROAD LEAS CEMETERY:  Another visit to Broad Leas on 1st May – again our volunteers tidied round the older graves, and put in some bright flowers.  The blackbirds were singing and all was peaceful – do go and have a sit in this natural area so near the centre of town.

MORE NEWS from the PARK AND RIDE:  Luckily no rain on planting morning 25th April, then the plants watered in well with a downpour in the afternoon!  The volunteers worked hard planting up 3 new beds, and also weeding all our other beds at the Park and Ride.  Thank you again to sponsors for the Park and Ride project:  Mick George, S P Landscapes and Stagecoach East.

STATION ROAD, APRIL 2018:  Great display of daffodils come up along Station Road.  We have weeded round them, put in some summer bulbs and sprinkled some poppy and wildflower seed.

PARK AND RIDE 2018:  Here we go again!  Weeding, litter picking, spreading topsoil and shingle in the new beds.  Sixteen volunteers on a Sunday afternoon filled sixteen bags with rubbish from the Park and Ride and the verges and busway from Harrison Road to the end of the lake.  Well done everyone – you deserved your cuppa!

  • Thanks to S P Landscapes and Mick George for their generous help, we have now been able to clear the next 3 beds on the main avenue this month in readiness for planting in April!

We make regular visits to the Park and Ride all through the year.

  • THE WAITS:  Have you been past the garden on the corner of The Waits and Ramsey Road recently?  We tidied the shrubs and added a few bright flowers to keep us cheerful until the warmer weather.
  • BROAD LEAS CEMETERY: We have gone back to Broad Leas this spring.  The ivy needed some cutting back, but lots of the spring flowers have come through, and our volunteers added some small shrubs behind the bench.
  • WESTWOOD ROAD CEMETERY:  Looking beautiful and tidy again after the disaster of a van driving through our daffodils.  The wildflower area is ready to burst into colour for the spring.
  • BULB PLANTING: New daffodils at Westwood Rd, Old Ramsey Road, up at Warners Park and in the Parish Churchyard this month!
  • STATION ROAD:  We put some wallflowers and daffodil bulbs along the verge behind Waitrose on Station Road.  We are looking forward to a beautiful display in the spring.
  • THE WAITS:  Volunteers pruning back in November 2017.



  • The raised beds at the Park and Ride, last autumn!


  • ANGLIA IN BLOOM:  Great excitement as we received a gold award for the town for the second time in September 2017.

    Marney Hall (left, last year’s Chairperson) and Linda Croucher (right, the new Chairperson for 2017/18) collect the gold award from Anglia in Bloom in September 2017.