Local Gardens Competition 2018


THERE WAS A GREAT CELEBRATION HELD AT the NORRIS MUSEUM ON THURSDAY 5th JULY, where the competitors were awarded their certificates by the Mayor and competition organiser Julie Pepper.  Click on the pictures to see them large size.

Trevor and Sue Jones – 1st Gold


Steve and Gail Wolff – 2nd Gold


Val Lamont – 3rd Gold


Sandy and Robin Welsh – Joint 4th Gold

Chris and Sally Riggall –

Joint 4th Gold




Ann Roy – Joint 4th Gold


Resi-dents of Harvest Court – Gold


Jill and Tony Curr-ington – Silver Gilt

Jon and Meena Biczy-sko – Silver Gilt


Veronica and Terry Avery – Silver Gilt

Shades of White and The Mews – Silver Gilt

Andy Kilding – Silver



Eileen Knight – Silver



Ken and Pauline By-south – Silver


Kathrine Law – Bronze (collected by her son)

Members of the Trefoil Guild and Girl Guides – Bronze

Bob Dixon and Anglia Tax Help – Bronze


Click here for results of the pubs and restaurants competition

The launch of the St Ives in Bloom competition had taken place on 3rd March at the Community Fair.

The aim of the competition is to encourage participation by residents, businesses and community groups in developing yet further the beautiful environment of St Ives.

Missed your chance to enter? Contact us if you would like to be kept informed about next year’s competition.

Look at our gallery of winning gardens from 2017.

St Ives in Bloom entry 2018, side 1

St Ives in Bloom entry 2018, side 2